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  • 2008
    • March
      • My Response To A Sixth-Grader
        Last week I received this letter in the mail from a student at a middle school in Rockford MI. The letter was dated January 29, 2008 but it was postmarked March 12. Below is my written reply which I promtly returned via snail mail. For me, the urgent call to action was this question:

    • February
      • Sun Spots
        Sun Spots
        Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

        There are so many things that could go wrong between now and 2012, but mainly 2012, and more specifically December of 2012. Would you believe December 21, 2012? Primarily the specific date comes from the Mayan long count calendar also known as

    • January
      • Galactic Global Warming
        Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

        Wake up and smell the coffee Al (as in Gore). That's not hydrocarbons in the air. It's something much more powerful. The true global warming that we are facing as inhabitants of this planet called earth is beyond some sort of Kyoto treaty fix. We ne

      • Global Warming Myth Now Bamed On Divorces
        Submitted by Josh

        Just when the "Little GREEN People" can't get enough
        of trying to guilt people into buying hybrids and "curly" bulbs... They have to go after an innocent lady Rabbi. As if her jewish mother hasn't done enough!? I'ts just incredibl

  • 2007
    • November
      • Weather Channel Founder: Global Warming ‘Greatest Scam in History’
        Intro by Joe D’Aleo, Icecap, CCM

        I was privileged to work with John Coleman, the founder of The Weather Channel in the year before it became a reality and then for the first of the 6 years I was fortunate to be the Director of Meteorology. No one worked harder than John to make The Weat

    • October
        By: Harvey W. Maier, Lynden WA
        .....It appears that air "pollution" is being confused/associated with global warming. The current political battle over global warming/climate change is a totally different subject and boils down to the fundamental issue of:

    • July
      • "Throw out the record books"
        Official Global Warming Talking Points of the Week:

        "Throw out the record books"

        It's amazing how this week so many "spokespersons" have used the same line "Throw out the record books" all over the United States. This week the seems to have b

    • June
      • Arnold Can't Give Us 'Green' Cement
        Arnold Can't Give Us 'Green' Cement
        by Tom McClintock [politician] 6/4/07

        GOV. Arnold Schwarzenegger has staked his administration upon two signature issues: his international leadership to reduce greenhouse gases and his promise to construct new highways, dams, l

    • May
    • March
      • Global warming on trial
        Global warming on trial
        Sixth-graders decide that humans aren’t to blame

        By Ben Ready
        The Daily Times-Call

        LONGMONT — Humans don’t cause global warming, a jury of sixth graders at Trail Ridge Middle School concluded Thursday after hearing opposing arguments from

      • Who are these people?
        posted by Dennis

        Yesterday, as Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the two mommies of our nations largest nanny state, was helping Al Gore filibuster Senator James Inhofe's time away in the show hearing, these two bubble heads gleefully reported with this video on CNN. First of all, it

      • Global Warming: A Convenient Lie
        by Andrew Marshall
        Global Research , March 15, 2007

        Recently, a documentary aired on the UK’s Channel 4, entitled “The Great Global Warming Swindle”, which challenged the prevailing political understanding that global warming is caused by man-made activity. The movie argues t

      • Global Warming Poll : Socialism 7, Capitalism Zip!
        The socialist agenda of the global warming alarmist community is showing signs of success, even here in the United States. According to a world wide poll taken by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs in conjunction with World Public Opinion-dot-org , 43% of Americans surveyed believe that global

      • Just when you thought it can't possibly get any more absurd,
        Just when you thought it can't possibly get any more absurd, the Associated Press is reporting that NASA is reading a report a report reviewing suggestions on how to slow down global warming. One NASA scientist describes some of these proposals as ranging from "great" to "idiotic

      • Bullshit Alert
        The following articles pegged the bullshit meter all the way off the scale. For the purpose of this topic only, this thread reads from top to bottom, the most recent articles at the bottom. Scroll down for the latest update:

        Climate scientist 'duped to deny global warming' - B

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