Global Warming Myth Now Bamed On Divorces 
Submitted by Josh

Just when the "Little GREEN People" can't get enough
of trying to guilt people into buying hybrids and "curly" bulbs... They have to go after an innocent lady Rabbi. As if her jewish mother hasn't done enough!? I'ts just incredibly ridiculous....they are now blaming global warming on divorces.

By Sandy Bauers from "The Philadelphia Inquirer"

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My apologies to all who believe in the "Global Warming Extreme " myth.
Yes global warming exists. Global warming or cooling will always contunue, but the extremes of heat or cold are only guesses or call it a theory to sound important. Any wheather man can tell you it's up and down and has been since recorded time. In fact they don't even get the weather correct half the time....always a guess, but at least an intelligent one. Don't confuse Global warming from above the atmosphere with polutions below the atmosphere. I'm all for cleaning the planet or at least my part of it. Pick any ariticle professing doom by global warming and take note of how many times time these "GREEN chicken littles" use words like, "if, probably, likely, could happen," and then refer to scientists only from their global club the IPCC, most of whom are acitivists from the beginning. Why wouldn't they jump on the Gore money wagon. I'm no longer going to refer to them as the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change), they are now called the IFCCc, ( IF by Chance it Changes commitee.)Let's be honest, mother nature should have gotten the Nobel, and I'm pretty sure God doesn't need it. This is just my personal belief, so if you come back angry at me, it says alot about how much you believe yours. I'm not an acitivist in any way, I just decided to read and form an opinion for myself. Do the same and come to your own opinion. Don't just agree with someone elses or because it's fashionable or you miss the 60s if you were here.


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