Who are these people?  
posted by Dennis

Yesterday, as Senator Barbara Boxer, one of the two mommies of our nations largest nanny state, was helping Al Gore filibuster Senator James Inhofe's time away in the show hearing, these two bubble heads gleefully reported with this video on CNN. First of all, it didn't start because Inhofe "wanted shorter answers" as reported, it was the result of Al Gore rambling on and ignoring Inhofe's questions. CNN, as well as the rest of the major news networks neglected to show the several minutes prior to this exchange where Al Gore incoherently babbled his non-responses to the Senator's questions, focusing only on this one-minute segment of Boxer scolding Inhofe. Notice how the "journalists" both get an editorial in at the very end of the video. Just some more good old non-biased reporting from CNN. If anyone knows who these "anchors" are please let me know in the blog. Also, if anyone has a complete video of this exchange, please post it here.

UPDATE - This story is described in detail by Scott Whitlock at the NewsBusters Blog


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