Global Warming Poll : Socialism 7, Capitalism Zip! 
The socialist agenda of the global warming alarmist community is showing signs of success, even here in the United States. According to a world wide poll taken by The Chicago Council on Global Affairs in conjunction with World Public Opinion-dot-org , 43% of Americans surveyed believe that global warming is a "serious and pressing problem" and that we should "begin taking steps now even if this involves significant costs." An additional 37% of Americans said that "the problem of global warming should be addressed, but it's effects will be gradual, so we can deal with the problem gradually by taking steps that are low in cost." That means that 80% of the Americans polled think global warming needs to be dealt with.

Even more troubling, is is the way Americans answered the fourth question of the poll:

"Q4. If the less-developed countries make a commitment to limit their greenhouse gas emissions, do you think the developed countries should provide substantial aid to help them?"

A whopping 64% of Americans are willing to "provide substantial aid to less-developed countries" in order to stave off the CO2 Boogie Man.

The poll of 17 countries includes China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, Ukraine, Poland, Iran, Mexico, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, Argentina, Peru, Israel, Armenia—and the Palestinian territories. Palestinian territories? Iran? Really?

The sixth and final question asked:

"Q6. Overall, do you think that countries that are part of international trade agreements should or should not be required to maintain minimum standards for protection of the environment?"

91% of Americans said that countries "should be required" to maintain minimum standards for protection of the environment. Viva la socialism!

Josh Simon  
This was in the San Bernardino Press Enterprise news paper in California. It's just unbelievable what these "GREEN chicken littles" will go to guilt people into believing that dooms day is around the corner. They now have to guilt a woman rabbi into the global myth being her fault because she got divorced and remarried 12 years ago. That's right, they are now say that divorce is contributing to global warming.
Mark this day down, will you? Because their articles pushing the hot climate of doom myth are fill with words like "IF" and "probable" and "likely", as of today the "IPCC" is now officially renamed the "IF-CC" (IF the Climate Changes).
Hope I inserted the article correctly.


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