Just when you thought it can't possibly get any more absurd, 
Just when you thought it can't possibly get any more absurd, the Associated Press is reporting that NASA is reading a report a report reviewing suggestions on how to slow down global warming. One NASA scientist describes some of these proposals as ranging from "great" to "idiotic."

Some of the more bizzare proposals include...

The Giant Sun Shade:
Launching an enormous fleet of small spaceships into orbit to form a giant umbrella in an effort to reduce the amount of sunlight reaching the Earth.

The Man-Made Volcano:
Some scientists suggest simulating volcanic eruptions by using cannons, balloons or jet engines to launch sulfate particles into the atmosphere.

Iron Supplements:
According to the AP article , one company in California is already implementing the "Geritol" solution by dumping tons of iron dust into the ocean, to encourage massive algae bloom that will absorb carbon dioxide.

For John22
Here is some more information on the company that is dumping iron in the ocean.

John 22 
Are you kidding? A massive algae bloom would have a more catastrophic effect on the environment than doing nothing at all. It would kill millions of organisms in the oceans which in turn woould decay, causing more methane and CO2. This is stupid. I would like to know who this California company is and who is funding this shit.


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