Sun Spots 
Sun Spots
Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

There are so many things that could go wrong between now and 2012, but mainly 2012, and more specifically December of 2012. Would you believe December 21, 2012? Primarily the specific date comes from the Mayan long count calendar also known as Winaq May Kin which covers some 5,200 Mayan years or 5,125 Gregorian years. But, did the Mayans know what we know today about the bad mood that our Sun seems to be in?

The sun seems to be developing a severe case of acne and it's not too happy about that. And if the Sun is in a foul mood, you can count on we her on planet earth hearing about it. While the Sun is some 93,000,000 miles away (thankfully), we feel the effects of any bad days it may be in. When such happens, scientist Roger Remy calls such mood breakdowns as "making mayonnaise", or having eaten some bad mayonnaise. Whatever!

Let me tell you what we do know- scientifically.

1-The sun has an eleven year cycle.
2-Galileo was the first person to tell us this when he invented the telescope in 1610.
3-The cycle has a low end acne break out on the face or surface and a high end.
4-Bad things happen when the high end of activity breaks out and the acne boils fester big time!.
5-Since 1940 the festering peaks or outbreaks have become more severe.
6-In this current cycle which was to be in it's low activity in 2005, the Sun went nuts!

So, the question we should ask ourselves as rational people is will we see something really bad come 2012 when the Sun is at it's worst behavior? I mean as little as 0.5% increase in the Suns energy would take out all of our satellites and where would we be without our Blackberry? How much firepower advantage would our army have with "unguided missiles"?

Case in point. At the end of 2004, when the Sun was to be getting some acne relief, it threw a hissy-fit, belching out massive amounts of radiation. On December 30th a tsunami killed hundreds of thousands of people in the Indian Ocean. Things settled down as it should be until late summer when once again, radio-active blemishes appeared suddenly, just ahead of Katrina, Rita, and Wilma. Coincidence?

How about the massive solar radiation storm in March 1989 that took out the Hydro-Quebec power grid putting more than 6,000,000 Canadians in the dark? Coincidence? All this makes the Al Gore concept of Global Warming seem a bit trivial doesn't it!

Scientists from all over the world have confirmed that the Sun has been more turbulent in the past 50 years (and increasingly so) than it has for at least the last 11,000 years. I wonder how they know that! And those same scientists say that the Sun will reach it's peak eleven year cycle in 2012. Thee you go. More bad news! But, Grandma Chandra sees this as a time when man's consciousness will be increased and we will somehow be able to spiritually-consciously alter the state of the universe.

Works for me. Let's get on with it!

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Carnival of Climate Change  
Loved this one as well. Very entertaining. I especially enjoyed what Grandma Chandra had to say! Thanks for sharing!


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