Galactic Global Warming 
Author: Ernie Fitzpatrick

Wake up and smell the coffee Al (as in Gore). That's not hydrocarbons in the air. It's something much more powerful. The true global warming that we are facing as inhabitants of this planet called earth is beyond some sort of Kyoto treaty fix. We need to move from what Al Gore has to say about global warming and listen to what Alexey Dmitriev is saying. After all, he's not a recycled politician buy one of the world's greatest geophysicists. He simply says global warming is galactic warming. Work with that one.

Is there global warming? That's the initial question. And my answer is YES! The real question though is what's the cause of global warming. Al Gore has his answers and political solutions but those pale in the presence of the reality of the truth. Dmitriev says that there are three causes of the global warming, which in all actuality is galactic warming!

1-Dynamic incremental conditions of interplanetary medium.
2-Energetic effects of planetary configuration of the Solar system.
3-Impulses from the center of the galaxy.

Say what?

Interpretation of tongues is that the entire solar system is heating up and I'm afraid that Al Gore does not have a fix for that. Some proof of such a scenario would include the doubling of the magnetic field of Jupiter. Jupiter also has a red spot (Oval BA) which has doubled essentially verifying that an electromagnetic storm (the size of the earth) is heating up. The atmosphere of Mars is becoming more dense. The atmosphere of Venus is changing in chemical composition and even optical quality. Uranus and Neptune are showing major magnetic pole shifts. The bottom line is that ALL planets are heating up.


Every morning we get up we subconsciously are aware that this ground on which we live is rotating. We also are aware that the whole of the planet is also rotating around the sun (can you say 2008 vs. 2007?). But, what we're not aware of is that we are passengers of a Solar System which is rotating around the Milky Way galaxy. And then there's our galaxy which is moving around within this universe, which is a universe moving round other universes?

It's gets too damned difficult and complex at times now doesn't it. So, how did the Mayans know about black holes and polar shifts?

According to Dmitriev, we are moving into some interstellar turbulence. Fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen. Not all oceans are the same. From the calm Indian Ocean to the stormy North Atlantic, water is water but it has different dynamics. And even a calm Indian Ocean can have a tsunami change things. Space is space but there are currents and distubences therein. Dmitriev has used the 1977 and 1988 Voyager data to forecast rough seas ahead: turbulent heliosphere sailing. This is much more serious than weird weather patterns on planet earth.

Even our sun is being impacted. Activity during it's low activity season (now) is high. What can that say when it reaches a peck around 2012? Can we just write it all off?

Hey Al Gore. We have a much bigger problem here. We're going to need an exponentially expanded consciousness of everyone on the planet. Galactic global warming isn't going to be solved intellectually, but spiritually. And I know that we do have the ability and wherewithal to go there. Do we really have a choice?

Now, back to the 2008 election news and Britney Spears. NOT!

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